Excel Shortcut Keys: Using Ctrl + P (Print file)

Ctrl + P

Display the Print tab in Microsoft Office Backstage view. or Print the sheet/file



Excel Shortcut Keys: Using Ctrl + O (Open a file)

Ctrl + O

Display the Open dialog box to open or find a file



Excel PowerPivot: CLOSINGBALANCEMONTH Function (DAX)





expression: An expression that returns a scalar value.

dates: A column that contains dates.

filter: (optional) An expresion that specifies a filter to apply to the current context


Evaluates the expression at the lat date of the month in the current context.


Excel Shortcut Keys: Ctrl + N (Create a new workbook)

Ctrl + N

Creates a new, blank workbook



Excel Shortcut Keys: Ctrl + L (Create a Table)

Ctrl + L

Displays the Create Table dialog box. To Make a Table

or Make your data into uniform to change your range into Table



Excel Shortcut Keys: Ctrl + K (Insert Hyperlink)

Ctrl + K

Displays the Insert Hyperlink dialog box

For new hyperlinks or the Edit Hyperlink dialog box for selected existing hyperlinks.


Excel Shortcut Keys: Ctrl + I (Italic)

Excel Shortcut Keys

Ctrl + I

Applies or remove italic formatting


Explore Excel 2016

In this video, you will explore the Excel overview,  using the tell me box and add or delete a worksheet.

Click here to view the original source

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