Microsoft Excel 2013 Short Cut Keys: Alt + WC (Custom View)

Custom View

Microsoft Excel 2013 Short Cut Keys:  Alt + W+C 
Hit the Alt key. Then type WC (one key at a time).

Filter the Data
Save your current display and print settings as a custom view that you can quickly apply in the future.

Event Fundraiser - Excel Templates free download

Event Fundraiser - Excel Templates free download

If you are looking at maximizing your fundraising event to support communities and organizations of smaller charity then you need an organized way to monitor compliance against the targets set as you go. Fundraising events on a small scale can be long and expensive, so it is very important to plan and monitor carefully. Spreadsheet123.com designed a template that helps you keep track of the overall evolution with funds received from donors for a fundraising event.

Payroll Calculator - Excel Templates free download

Looking for an Excel payroll calculator to help you calculate the payroll for your organization online federal tax rules.

This template payroll calculator helps you calculate and maintain records of wages and deductions for each employee. You can keep a record of highly confidential employees where you can register the employee information such as name, address, date of marriage, the annual salary, federal subsidies, tax previous participations, tax deductions post and many more details. For the payroll of an employee who needs additional information such as:

The gross salary of an employee before deductions
All payments made sworn
Taxable benefits and expenses

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