Excel PowerPivot: CLOSINGBALANCEMONTH Function (DAX)





expression: An expression that returns a scalar value.

dates: A column that contains dates.

filter: (optional) An expresion that specifies a filter to apply to the current context


Evaluates the expression at the lat date of the month in the current context.


Excel Shortcut Keys: Ctrl + N (Create a new workbook)

Ctrl + N

Creates a new, blank workbook



Excel Shortcut Keys: Ctrl + L (Create a Table)

Ctrl + L

Displays the Create Table dialog box. To Make a Table

or Make your data into uniform to change your range into Table



Excel Shortcut Keys: Ctrl + K (Insert Hyperlink)

Ctrl + K

Displays the Insert Hyperlink dialog box

For new hyperlinks or the Edit Hyperlink dialog box for selected existing hyperlinks.


Excel Shortcut Keys: Ctrl + I (Italic)

Excel Shortcut Keys

Ctrl + I

Applies or remove italic formatting


Explore Excel 2016

In this video, you will explore the Excel overview,  using the tell me box and add or delete a worksheet.

Click here to view the original source

How many sheets you can insert in a workbook ?

Worksheet in a workbook

Did you know about that Microsoft Excel
How many sheets in a workbook ?
You can make unlimited Sheets in a workbook depend on your system available memory. by default excel have an one sheet.

Excel Shortcut Keys: Ctrl + H (Find and Replace)

Ctrl + H

Displays the Find and Replace dialog box, with the Replace tab selected

Did you Know about Excel Rows and Columns

Worksheet Size

there are 1,048,576 rows and 16,384 columns in one worksheet



Using VLOOKUP function (step by step tutorial)

Using VLOOKUP() function (step by step tutorial)

How to use VLOOKUP() function in Excel
Using Vlookup function in excel step by step tutorial
using VLOOKUP function

Calculate growth formula in Pivot Table

Calculate growth formula in pivot table

How to calculate growth formula in PivotTable

Ctrl + G (display GoTo dialog box)

Ctrl + G

Displays the Go To dialog box.

F5 also displays this dialog box.


Excel Shortcut Keys : Ctrl + Shift + ) - (unhide Columns)

Ctrl + Shift + )

Unhide Columns

Unhide any didden columns within the selection.



Create a Pivot Table

Create a pivot Table

How to create a Pivot Table in Excel

Excel Keyboard Shortcut : Ctrl + E

Ctrl + E

Adds more value to the active column by using data surrounding that column.


Excel Shortcut Keys: Ctrl + D (Duplicate data)

Ctrl + D

Uses the Fill Down command to copy the contents and format of the topmost cell of a selected range into the cells below.



Excel Keyboard Shortcut : Ctrl + C (Copies the selected cells)

Ctrl + C

Copies the selected cells.



Close All file on a single click in Excel 2013 and 2016

Close All file on a single click in Excel 2016

In Excel 2013 & 2016 All the excel files open in separate window so it's not possible to close all the opened file at once. This is by default, there is no option to close all excel workbook/files at once in version 2013 & 2016.
Previous version of Excel workbook/file opened in one window and we can easily have closed all the files just using the Alt+F4. Excel 2013 each excel file open on separate window and continue in 2016 version.
For example, if we have 10 files open we must close all the files separately or hit the Alt+F4 command 10 times.

Excel Shortcut Keys Ctrl +B (Bold formatting)

Ctrl + B

Applies or removes bold formatting.

Excel Shortcut Keys: Ctrl + A (Select All Data)

Ctrl + A

Select the entire worksheet.

If the worksheet contains data, Ctrl+A selects the current region.

Pressing Ctrl+A a second time selects the entire worksheet.



Gift Planner Excel Online Templates

 Gift Planner Excel Online Templates

This Templates run in Microsoft Excel Online

 Save time and easily organize your gift planning with this simple-to-use template.

Ahorra tiempo y organizar fácilmente su planificación de regalo con esta plantilla fácil de utilizar.


समय बचाने के लिए और आसानी से इस सरल करने के लिए उपयोग टेम्पलेट के साथ अपने उपहार नियोजन का आयोजन।

توفيرا للوقت وبسهولة تنظيم التخطيط هديتك مع هذا القالب بسيطة للاستخدام.

 Click here to download

Excel PowerPivot: EDATE Function (DAX)

EDATE Function (DAX)


EDATE(<start_date>, <month>)


start_date: A date in datetime or text format that represents the start date.

month: An integer that represents the number of months before or after start_date.


Returns the date that is the indicated number of months before or after the start date. Use EDATE to calculate maturity dates or due dates that fall on the same day of the month as the date of issue.


Excel PowerPivot: DATEVALUE Function (DAX)





date_text: Text that represents a date.


Converts a date in the form of text to a date in datetime format.


Excel PowerPivot: DATEDIFF Function (DAX)



DATEDIFF(<start_date>, <end_date>), <interval>)


start_date: Any DAX expression that returns a datetime value.

end_date: Any DAX expression that returns a datetime value.

interval: The interval to use when comparing dates. The value can be one of the following:



  • HOUR

  • DAY

  • WEEK



  • YEAR


Returns the count of interval boundaries crossed between two dates.


Excel Keyboard Shortcuts: Ctrl + Enter

Ctrl + Enter

Hold the Ctrl key and press Enter


Fills the selected cell range with the current entry.


Excel Keyboard Shortcuts: Ctrl + Spacebar

Ctrl + Spacebar

Hold the Ctrl key and press Spacebar


Selects an entire column in a worksheet.


Excel Keyboard Shortcuts: Ctrl + Arrow Key

Ctrl + Arrow Key

Hold the Ctrl key and press Arrow Key


Moves to the edge of the cuttent data region in a worksheet.


Excel Keyboard Shortcuts: Ctrl + 9

Ctrl + 9

Hold the Ctrl key and press 9 (eight numaric key)


Hides the selected rows.


Excel Keyboard Shortcuts: Ctrl + 8

Ctrl + 8

Hold the Ctrl key and press 8 (eight numaric key)


Display or hides the outline symbols.


Excel Keyboard Shortcuts: Ctrl + 6

Ctrl + 6

Hold the Ctrl key and press 6 (six numaric key)


Alternates between hiding and displaying objects.


Excel Keyboard Shortcuts: Ctrl + 5


Ctrl + 5

Hold the Ctrl key and press 5 (five numaric key)


Applies or removes strikethrough.


Excel Keyboard Shortcuts: Ctrl +4


Ctrl + 4

Hold the Ctrl key and press 4 (four numaric key)


Applies or removes underlining formatting.


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