Excel Calendar Template free download

Excel Calendar Template free download

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Free Excel Calendar Template
A spreadsheet tool, one of the great things about using Excel calendar such as Excel created for this originally accounting purposes, one turns into was this kind of funny, and so cells, highlighting give to events entered formatting complete flexibility the most popular tools for creating custom calendars.

Excel Proforma Invoice Template free Download

Excel Proforma Invoice Template free Download

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Follows a typical pro forma template format. Just download and complete the job and customer information. After shipping details, payment terms, additional charges will begin filling in the details of the proposed transaction, including the costs and conditions of sale. Use the form to the right information and assistance in certain parts of the following tips.

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Excel Templates: Beverage Inventory

Beverage Inventory templates free download

This template gives you complete variance with the beverage inventory key line. Each week will take accurate stock figures. There is also a month when you can see all of the stock of drinks at any point of view on a page.

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Find last date of the month in Excel using EOMONTH function

EOMONTH function is to calculate maturity dates or due dates that fall on the last day of the month. It used to return the last day of the month depending on the start date specified.


Return the serial number of the last day of the month before or after a specified number of months


If start_date is not a valid date, EOMONTH returns the #NUM! Error value.

If start_date plus months yields an invalid date, EOMONTH returns the #NUM! Error value

Let’s do some task

Date of the last day of the current month, next month last date and previous month last date:

Click the current month last date and type the formula =EMONTH(D5,0). D5 is the current month date and 0 is the number of the month or current month +/-.

Click the Next month last date and type the formula =EMONTH(D5,1). D5 is the current month date and 1 is the number of the month or next month. (Current month plus one month).

Click the Previous month last date and type the formula =EMONTH(D5,-1). D5 is the current month date and -1 is the number of the month or last month (Current month less one month).

For formatting the number convert date (Shortcut Key Ctrl+Shift+$),

Select the cell to display the number as a date, and then on the Home tab, in the Number group, click the arrow next to the Number format and Short Date or click a Long date.

Announcing Customer Lockbox for Office 365

As a provider of cloud services, we recognize that organizations understandably want to have full control over access to their content stored on cloud services. Today at RSA, announced Lockbox client for Office 365, a new capability designed to provide customers with unprecedented control over their content on the service. Lockbox client offers customers explicit control in rare cases when a Microsoft engineer may need access to the contents of the client to solve a customer's problem.

In our efforts to maximize data security and privacy for Office 365 customers, we designed the service to require almost zero interaction with customer content for Microsoft employees. Almost all service operations performed by Microsoft are fully automated and human involvement is highly controlled and an abstraction of the contents of customers. As a result, only rarely, such as when solving a customer problem with voice or documents contained not a Microsoft engineer has no reason to access the contents of the client in Office 365 cases.

Microsoft engineers are not entitled access to any service. All access through a rigorous control technology called Lockbox access is obtained. Today, Lockbox applies access control across multiple levels of approval within Microsoft that provides fair access to time limited authorization and time-bound. In addition, all access control activities in service are recorded and audited.

With today's announcement, we are bringing to customers in the approval process Lockbox for cases involving access to customer content. Using client Lockbox function ensures that the Microsoft engineer does not get access to the contents of customers without the explicit approval of the client. When the client receives the request for access, they can review the request and approve or reject. Until the application is approved, the engineer of Microsoft Access will be granted.

This post was written by Vijay Kumar, senior director of product marketing, and Raji Dani, director of the main program for the team of the Office 365 Security.

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How to handle Excel Formula errors

IFERROR function is the best solution to handle this kind or formula errors


Returns a value you specify if a formula evaluates to an error; otherwise, returns the result of the formula. Use the IFERROR function to trap and handle errors in a formula.

Change Negative Numbers to Positive in Excel

When you need to change the negative numbers to positive or vice versa numbers.

This Quick tricks you can easily change all the negative numbers to positive numbers.

Fill flash is a new feature in Excel 2013

You have the information in Excel is not formatted the way it needs to be, and going through the whole list manually to correct is daunting. Sometimes it is necessary to introduce a lot of repetitive information in Excel, such as dates, and can be very tedious. But the AutoFill feature can help. AutoFill and Flash Fill both are huge time savers.

Microsoft launches Office 2016 developer preview, with a focus on business (PC World)

Microsoft is going heavy on enterprise features in its first public peek at Office 2016, which is available now to Office 365 Business subscribers.

Developers and IT pros can sign up for the preview through the Microsoft Connect website. Eventually, Microsoft will open up the program to individual Office 365 users, but this option doesn’t appear to be available yet. Note that this Office 2016 release is separate from the touch-friendly Office apps that Microsoft has released as part of the Windows 10 Technical Preview.

Working with AVERAGE function in Excel

Returns the average (arithmetic mean) of the arguments. For example, if the range (range: Two or more cells on a sheet. The cells in a range can be adjacent or nonadjacent.) A1:A20 contains numbers, the formula =AVERAGE(A1:A20) returns the average of those numbers.

Automatically update ranking list in Excel

Auto update the ranking list in Microsoft Excel using of INDEX(), MATCH() and LARGE() function

Print Excel Sheet with comments box

How to print excel sheet with comments box

Ans:   In Microsoft Excel comments box not print as default. 
Here is the easy step by step tutorial with snap shots
Here is the sheet you want to print the data with comments box

First step select the data with the comments.

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