Create a Forecast Chart in Excel 2016

If you have time based on the historical data it can be used to create a forecast. When a forecast is created, a new worksheet is created with a table of historical and projected values and a graph showing this. A forecast can help predict things like future sales, inventory requirements, or consumer trends

In a spreadsheet, enter two sets of data correspond to each other:
A date or time series with the inputs to the timeline
A series with the corresponding values
These values can be predicted for future dates.

Select both sets of data

Click Data > Forecast Sheet.

In the Create Forecast Worksheet, choose a line chart or bar graph for visual representation of the forecast.

In the Forecast End box, pick an end date, and then click Create.

Forecast start date Choose the foresight to start. When you pick a date before the end of historical data, only data before the start date are used in the prediction (this is sometimes referred to as "backtracking").

Let set the formatting
Select the date column

Use the keyboard shortcut Ctrl+1

Or click the down arrow icon of Number as show in snap shot

After that the new dialog box of Format Cell appear on screen

In Number Tab : Category select the Date and in the type select he Date format as you required

Now you will see the graph for date formatting change into Jan-15, Feb-15……etc

and you can also change the formatting of your renaming data
for keyboard shortcut just click Ctrl+Shift+1 for number formatting 

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