Create a Dynamic drop down box in Excel 2013

In this tutorial you can make a drop down box connect with another drop down box.
Type your data as show in below figure

Select the Make of Car

Goto the let top of the sheet you will find the NameBox type the Box in Make and press Enter Key

After typing the name box any time you just select the C4 to C6 and you will see the Name Box in Make
Select the D4 to D8 and goto Name Box and type Honda and press Enter Key

Select the E4 to E8 and go to Name Box and type Toyota and press Enter Key

Select the F4 to F8 and go to Name Box and type Daihatsu and press Enter Key


Go to the Cell you want to make the 1st  drop down box

Go to Data Tab in right side you find the Data Validation Icon. Click the Data Validation and Click the Data Validation as show in Figure:

After the Click of Data Validation the new popup small window appear on your screen
You will see the Drop down box click and select the List

Type the =Make into the Source box and click the OK as show in Figure

And you will see the 1st drop down box

For 2nd Drop down box click the cell below the Model

And again go to Data Validation and now in Source box type the =INDIRECT(J5) and click OK button
The INDIRECT function get the data from the name box you were define if the I5 is  Honda this source will automatic change to reference as shown in cell I5.

And the finally the result and enjoy.

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