Microsoft introduces Microsoft Dynamics CRM updates 2016

Microsoft today announced new capabilities that will be delivered later this year in Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2016. The updates are designed to make the software easier to use and include even deeper integration with other Microsoft business applications such as Office 365, Word, Excel, onedrive, Cortana and Delve.

Microsoft is already calling this the most comprehensive ever update for Dynamics CRM, highlighting advances in intelligence, mobility, and service and significant improvements in productivity.

"Microsoft's obsession with customer success is based on our ambition to reinvent processes and business productivity," said Bob Stutz, corporate vice president of Microsoft Dynamics CRM, in a statement. "Dynamics CRM 2016 is designed from the ground up to deliver core capabilities all in one system to eliminate distractions, to make it easier to do things, and boost productivity that our customers can spend more time serving their customers. "

In a recent blog post, Stutz also noted that Microsoft will make significant investments in marketing Microsft (which was built after the acquisition of marketing pilot) and Microsoft Social Commitment. The company will also be adding SMS "as a marketing channel for our multichannel campaigns, increasing the font and language of feeling for social development, and the introduction of the concept of social intelligence with social selling automated triage, and sense of adaptation "Stutz wrote.

The new version enables organizations to manage their customer facing activities in a single experience. Through improved Excel integration within Dynamics CRM, complete with new Excel templates for different tasks, functions and settings, users can switch between functions. Users will also have access to documents within Dynamics CRM through integration onedrive trade capacity and new generation of documents.

The launch of Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2016 also introduces and refines Delve functionality in the application. Powered by the Office Chart, Delve surface helps users content key trend.

The new version includes Dynamics CRM data management and advanced analytics powered by Cortana Analytics Suite. This includes Azure learning machine that can enable business knowledge. The personal assistant Cortana also be integrated into Dynamics CRM 2016 to help the surface of the core offerings, users accounts and activities.

Full offline capabilities for sales professionals and service on mobile phones and tablets will also be included. The release also allows users to create mobile applications streamline work focused on the realization of sales-related activities on the road.

The next version of Dynamics CRM will also offer end-to-end solution for customer service through self-service, assisted service and field service.

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