Understanding Workbooks and Worksheets

The work you do in Excel is done in a workbook file. You can have as many open books as needed, and each appears in its own window. By default, Excel workbooks use a file extension. xlsx.
Each book contains one or more worksheets, and each worksheet is composed of individual cells. Each cell can contain a value, a formula, or text. A worksheet also has an invisible drainage layer, which has charts, pictures and diagrams. Each worksheet in a workbook can be accessed by clicking on the tab at the bottom of the workbook window. In addition, a book can store chart sheets, a sheet of graph shows a single card and can also be accessed by clicking on a tab.

Newcomers to Excel often feel intimidated by the different elements that appear within the Excel window. After you become familiar with the various parts, it all starts to make sense, and you will feel at home.

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