Amazing Excel Game - 2048 tiles Game Free download

Excel - your kind (and perhaps the most feared) office tool. But it's not just for spreadsheets more.

Note: For most of these games, you need to enable macros. To do this, open the game and click "Enable Macros".

You may have heard of the addictive game by Gabriele Cirulli 2048. This is the same game, only in Excel format.

In 2048 two cards of the same number can be merged into a new tab which is equal to the total value of the two. The goal is to have a value of 2048 tiles.

Genie Spreadsheet1.com built a version of Excel that lets you play the game, and track your movements to help analyze their strategy. Since the game is entirely in Excel, you can resume the game at a later time to save the book, and it can be played online or offline. It is available for Excel 2007 or later, and can be free downloaded here.

But what if you want to play this game and be discreet at work? Reddit user Krzychu81 created a version of 2048 with "very advanced for camouflage as financial statements camouflage mechanisms."

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