Fill flash is a new feature in Excel 2013

You have the information in Excel is not formatted the way it needs to be, and going through the whole list manually to correct is daunting. Sometimes it is necessary to introduce a lot of repetitive information in Excel, such as dates, and can be very tedious. But the AutoFill feature can help. AutoFill and Flash Fill both are huge time savers.

Make a list with S.No. Name & Designation

Now here your need is for split the Name & Designation and separate column without the comma(,) in Text to Column option all the text transfer to sepreate column after the space or comma and the result after the using text to column is result is below image

Let start to using Flash Fill
Make two new columns in the name of Name and Designation

Type the first column in Name, Petter and second column Brand Manger

And click the row down after the Petter and click the flash fill

after the click the Flash Fill the data automatic pick from the name only

And repeat again click the row down after the Brand Manager and click the flash fill
See the result

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