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Microsoft on Tuesday updated Office 2016 for Mac with Security patches and a host of smaller Changes feature, but did not fix the problem users constant-crash on OS X Have Reported El Capitan, Apple's newest operating system.

Crash Report for Office 2016
Source (computerworld.com/article/2992488)

Instead, the company Told customers to sit tight and wait for Apple to ship an update for El Capitan, aka OS X 10.11, Strongly suggesting the mess That was Apple's Responsibility.

"On October 13, 2015, we released an update to Office 2016 for Mac ... [but] esta update does not address the issues experienced by Office Customers with OS X 10.11 El Capitan," the company Said in an unsigned note on STI support site. "We are working with Apple to Actively Ensure resolution

With the next update of OS X 10.11 El Capitan."
Microsoft has-been taking a beating on ITS Office 2016 for Mac support discussion forum since Sept. 30, the day Apple released the captain. Since Then, Have Been Numerous threads produced by users looking for an explanation and a fix.
The longest thread so far - Which harked back to early July, just a day after Microsoft shipped the end Office 2016 for Mac and Apple issued the first public beta of El Capitan - HAD logged Contained Nearly 48,000 views and more than 525 as messages of late Tuesday, Both extremely large numbers for the forum.
Most of the crashes Have Involved Outlook Reported customers, but other applications, Including Word, Excel and PowerPoint, have dropped dead Regularly Also, Outlook Either separately or When Went Down. Computerworld staffers running Office 2016 for Mac on El Capitan-powered Macs Have Been Affected as well.
Tuesday's update Office 2016 for Mac - available only to Consumers or Businesses That Have subscribed to a rent-not-own Office 365 plan - was billed as a security rollout, but it Also included multiple non-security bug fixes and improvements for Excel , PowerPoint, Outlook and Word.
Microsoft Said That, Although Tuesday's update did not include a fix for the Office 2016 for Mac crashes, some users installed the update Who Had Their Applications Reported That HAD stopped dying. "I installed the update to Office Oct. 13 2016 About 5-6 days ago and Have had no anomalies since," Said Coe Miles on Tuesday.

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