Excel 30 Years - The History of Excellence!

Product legendary Microsoft Office, which is used today by more than one million people worldwide, was created in 1985 to ... Apple

Excel History:
From its first version Excel supported end user programming of macros (automation of repetitive tasks) and user defined functions (extension of Excel's built-in function library). In early versions of Excel these programs were written in a macro language whose statements had formula syntax and resided in the cells of special purpose macro sheets (stored with file extension .XLM in Windows.) XLM was the default macro language for Excel through Excel 4.0. Beginning with version 5.0 Excel recorded macros in VBA by default but with version 5.0 XLM recording was still allowed as an option. After version 5.0 that option was discontinued. All versions of Excel, including Excel 2010 are capable of running an XLM macro, though Microsoft discourages their use.

There is a software program for Microsoft intimidating and fierce loyalty endearing as Microsoft Excel. This spreadsheet program powerful is used by hundreds of millions of users, from home, business, education and government offices worldwide. Excel is used by primary school children for calculating simple tables, and research scientists crunching data to genome. Released to the public on September 30, 1985, Microsoft Excel is thirty years old today. To celebrate we will highlight some interesting facts you may not know about the program that led to "rows and columns" for the world.

“Microsoft really bet its future on two programs at right about the same time: Excel and Windows. If both of them had failed, Microsoft wouldn’t be here today. Both of them succeeded. It really helped cement Microsoft’s role,” – Doug Klunder, Microsoft Excel 1.0 Lead Developer

If you would like to learn more about Microsoft’s Excel early years, listen to this podcast via Geek Wire.

podcast via Geek Wire.

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